Our Products

1.   Current Product

Solid dissolving

Microneedle Vaccine

PROBLEM: according to a recent report by WHO, “Up to 50% of vaccines are wasted globally every year because of lack of temperature control and the logistics to support cold-chain”.

SOLUTION: Our first product Theroptach is a thermostable vaccine delivery patch which uses microneedle to painlessly deliver vaccines. This product will make vaccines more accessible to the remotest corners where vaccines cannot reach due to lack of proper infrastructure and trained healthcare professionals. it does not require any cold chain infrastructure and no need for trained health care professional to administer the vaccines.

2.   Product In Pipeline

Wound Healing:

Nanoporous gel based sustained drug release formulation for faster recovery.

This is patented formulation which is derived from natural ingredients such as curcumin. It actively fights microbial growth. It triggers skin regrowth and repair. It reduced the chances for scar formation.

Microfluidic Based Drug Testing Platform:

Drug testing platform for phase 0 clinical trials of different disease models.

The platform mimics human organ interface and can be used for studying effect of drugs on humans. This will help in predicting the effect of drugs and eliminate erroneous results obtained in rodent-based testing models.